Day Trips & Extended Travel - The Czech Countyside

Český Krumlov in 1 Day (from Prague)
If you are in the Czech Republic for only a short time, yet still wish to visit a well-preserved medieval town, we can help you get the most from a day in Český Krumlov.
Kutná Hora (with Bone Church)
Dem Bones, Dem Bones...
Kutná Hora is more than dem bones
Terezin - National Memorial to Holocaust Victims
The Second World War left many scars throughout the Czech lands, but perhaps none are as heart wrenching as Terezin.
Adršpach - Off Season Wonderland
Are you looking for a weekend Getaway? Adršpach is a Natural Wonderland that is sure to impress the entire family.
An Easy Getaway from Prague - Hiking to Karlštejn Castle
Need a break from the crowded streets of Prague?
Try a short hike through the forest around Karlštejn Castle.
Mikulov - A well-kept secret in the Czech Republic.
Between Vienna and Prague, minutes from Lednice & Valtice (UNESCO), an Archbishops' palace surrounded by Jewish heritage. 
More than Český Krumlov
A visit to Český Krumlov, a Jewel in the Bohemian crown, is worthy of more than 1 day...
Where Every Villa Has a Story
Tours for those who love architecture (or architects...)
World War II Historical Sites & Monuments
Terezín, Lidice and the Crypt on Reslová street
Visit Znojmo - Deep Red Wines & Dark Brown Cliffs
Znojmo has more than enough of the extraordinary to keep a person happy for a day...
Bižuterie - Beads, beads and more beads...
Manufacture of glass jewelry is a craft with a long tradition in the Czech Lands
Czech Switzerland
The Northern Border, Between Germany and Czechia, is Czech Switzerland
Hradec Králové
Just an hour from Prague, Hradec Králové in a Architectural & Historical monument with the Czech Republic's Cleanest Air
Karlštejn Castle & Český Kras - by Bike
Any time of the Year, the countryside just beyond Prague, are rich in natural beauty and meandering country roads. 
Kokořín Natural Protected Zone
There is more than one paradise in Bohemia
Křivoklát Natural Protected Zone
Visit the Forests of Medieval Kings & Hunters
The Heart of Moravia
A Place of Pilgrimage and So Much More
Uherske Hradiště is well worth 2 or more days
The Poetic Slavkov Forests
Castle Loket & Slavkov Forest - The perfect setting for a epic poem of unrequited love...
Canoe/Kayak on The Sázava River
A Few Hours on the Sázava is Fun for the Whole Family
Czech Moravian Highlands
Take the Back Roads in the Highlands between Bohemia and Moravia.
Foraging in the Bohemian Woods
A Walk in the Bohemian Woods to Discover the Joy of Foraging Mushrooms.
Garnets, Chateaus, Sandstone Towers & Beer
Czech Paradise - Natural Wonderland of the Czech Lands
The Grapes of South Moravia
Just far enough from Prague, South Moravian wine cellars and vineyards invite visitors to linger. 
Around Třeboň - Natural Heritage Zone
Around Třeboň there is a lot more than horses...
Protected Nature at Hostýn in Moravia
Forested foot hills of the Byskydy Mountains that miraculously stood the test of time.
The Czech Republic on 2 Breweries a Day
Introducing some of the Lesser Known Czech Beers
Through The Labyrinth
Jan Amos Komensky in the Czech Lands
South Moravian Chateaus & Wine Cellars by Bike
For those who love wine, and want more of the Czech Experience
Stará Boleslav Pouť
Saint Wenceslas came this way. His last journey ended in Stará Boleslav. Today we follow in his footsteps.
Self Guided Travel
For those looking to loose the crowds, but not their money
Smetanova Litomyšl (International Classical Music Festival)
Special Weekend (2 nights for 4 persons)
Pilgrimages in the Land of Saints & Sinners
Pilgrimage is more than a visit to a shrine, it is a journey of the soul.