South Moravian Chateaus & Wine Cellars by Bike BOOK TOUR

For those who love wine, and want more of the Czech Experience

Explore Hillside Vineyards & Chateau Parks (Legacy of the Lichtenstein) 

The white limestone slopes of the Pálava hills invite a closer look. It's simply not wise to pass quickly through these gentle hillsides, where ripening grapes grow to their full colors, warmed in the evening sun, and cooled in the musky earth. Here, in the shadow of ancient ruins, you can relax with a glass of the local vintage, surrounded by the sounds of song and laughter. Let us be your guide, as we provide the language and experience to visit several small family owned cellars. 

Lodging in Mikulov or Pavlov, in lodging characteristic of the special history and craft, in a Jewish Temple or above ancient wine cellars. In addition to Mikulov & Pavlov, nearby Lednice & Valtice also hold many gems for those who wish to explore the territory. Beyond the extraordinary atmosphere created by these chateaus and vast park, there is also an abundance of good food to accompany the wine. Particular choices for lodging are based on available dates, but fortunately there are several options to choose from. Pick a date and we will inform you of the choices (rates may vary accordingly).

Valtice - Lednice Grounds

This whole area once belonged to the noble family of Lichtenstein. They were truly fascinated by the myths of the ancient world. Thus, the many replicas of Greek and Roman temples abound. The park itself is spread out, and encompasses a large wooded area (perfect for cycling). It is no wonder that this is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and host to regularly scheduled festivals and events.

Pavlov & Bila
In the heart of the wine growing region there are two villages that stand out. First Pavlov, which is perched on a hillside overlooking a great man made lake, below the ruins of an ancient castle atop the sandstone cliffs. The second is Bila, well off the main road. Bila is host to dozens of wine cellars, side by side, each one has a characteristic all its own. Both villages are as picturesque as Moravian villages can be, with the characteristic painted doorways leading into underground brick vaulted cellars. You can taste wines here that cannot be found anywhere else.

5250 Kč per Person* | $229 US per Person*

* Price includes:
  • English speaking guide
  • Transportation from Prague
  • Bicycle & Equipment Rental
  • Lodging & Breakfast (based on double occupancy)
- Rate based on 4 participants (double occupancy)
- Single occupancy option (if available) for an additional 1250Kč | $55.
- 20% Discount available for groups of 6 or more.