The Archives is where we post the work of our associate family historians and other scholars.

This includes previously published and unpublished articles, annotations and translations of other larger pieces (including historical essays and biographies of noteworthy Czech, Polish, Slovak, and Ukrainian emigrants). Occaisionally, there will also be a review of some particular useful resource that should help further the general understanding of contemporary genealogical research in these countries.

Under the heading "Travel" you will also find stories from the road, based on our own experience, as well as episodes submitted by our clients and friends to assist others with their travel planning.


  1. Annotations (Czech & English)
  2. Festivals, Folklore & Customs
  3. Food & Beverage
  4. Historical Events
  5. Out & About
  6. Travel
  7. Viniculture

1.Annotations (Czech & English)

St. John Sarkander (1576-1620)
by Father Robert F. McNamara
- 2019-02-25

Source: Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Parish, Irondequoit, NY

A Little Bit About Us
by Thomas Zahn
- 2010-05-06

Source: Personal accounts of the founders

3.Festivals, Folklore & Customs

Masopust - Carnival
by Thomas Zahn
- 2021-02-16

Source: From the author's journal, based on personal experience.

National Costume of the Pilzen Region
by Marie Zahn
- 2007-12-30

Source: From an article that was to be published in “The Great Book About National Costumes”, found in Novina from the 1930’s in Prague under the name “Šijeme kroje"

5.Food & Beverage

The Joy of Wine in an Empty Room
by Justin Wuycheck
- 2015-06-05

Source: First hand experience

Discovering the Wines of Southern Moravia
by Justin Wuycheck
- 2013-10-07

Source: From the personal experiences of a roaming oenophile, Justin Wuycheck.

7.Historical Events

The Battle at Slavkov
by Marie Zahnova
- 2005-04-19

Source: From an article written by Marie Zahn on the event of the 200th anniversary of Napoleons' famous victory.

8.Out & About

Out and About in the Czech Republic & Slovakia
by Tom Zahn
- 2003-12-09

Source: Three Stories From this Side of the Pond


Picking Up the Trail - Day 11
by Thomas Zahn
- 2021-04-24

Source: Personal Journeys on foot through the Czech Lands (Rohy to Kralovice)

Another Day - Another Castle Ruin
by Thomas Zahn
- 2021-02-25

Source: From the author's personal journey, walking the Way of St. James from Kozojedy to Hrad Krašov.

A Walk in the Country
by Thomas Zahn
- 2021-01-22

Source: From the author's personal travels

Prayer for the Forest – Day 9
by Thomas Zahn
- 2020-12-05

Source: Personal Journeys on foot through the Czech Lands (Zvikovec to Liblín)

Chilling with Cilia in Čilá - Day 8
by Thomas Zahn
- 2020-11-18

Source: Personal Journeys on foot through the Czech Lands (Skryje to Zvikovec)

Two Castles & Bridges on the Berounka - Days 6 & 7
by Thomas Zahn
- 2020-11-14

Source: Personal Journeys on foot through the Czech Lands (Roztoky u Křivoklátu to Skryje)

The Fog at Dawn Lifts, and With it My Spirits… Day 5
by Thomas Zahn
- 2020-11-08

Source: Personal Journeys on foot through the Czech Lands (Nižbor to Roztoky u Křivoklátu)

Don’t Stand So Close To Me - Day 4
by Thomas Zahn
- 2020-10-31

Source: Personal Journeys on foot through the Czech Lands (Beroun to Nižbor)

An Expesive Beer - Day 3
by Thomas Zahn
- 2020-10-29

Source: Personal Journeys on foot through the Czech Lands (Srbsko to Beroun)

An Expensive Beer - Day 2
by Thomas Zahn
- 2020-10-27

Source: Personal Journeys on foot through the Czech Lands

An Expensive Beer
by Thomas Zahn
- 2020-10-24

Source: A Pilgrim’s Lament By Tom Zahn

Lost or Stolen (Don't Panic)
by Thomas R. Zahn
- 2020-02-26

Source: First hand personal experience

Pálava Hills: A Bit of Geology and History
by Justin Wuycheck
- 2016-02-16


An Extended Travel Experience
by Justin Wuycheck
- 2015-12-05

Source: Personal reflections on a couple tours with Justin as our guide.

by Thomas Zahn
- 2008-03-19

Source: Whether you are thinking about renting a car, to drive about the Czech Republic independently, or taking a group tour, where you put yourself in the hands of others, you may wish to first consider the risks.

The End of The Line
by Tom Zahn
- 2007-12-30

Source: This is a page from my daily journal after a day in Benešov. In brief, it was inspire by a visit the waiting room built by Cseasar Franz Ferdinand in Benešov, for his personal guests. The article, I hope, captures some of the confusion and frustration that a ride on Czech Railway is bound to deliver.

An American family takes on Prague’s castles and history
by Laura Stanley
- 2007-08-01

Source: Travel & Leisure Family - Sept. 2007

Bicycling in Bohemia (with help from České Dráhy)
by Justin Wuycheck
- 2007-02-03

Source: From Justin Wuycheck's personal experience using Czech Railway's Bicycle Rental services in South Bohemia. Justin spends his Summers teaching English in Lozerre Provence in the South of France, where he dreams of "The Tour", and occasionally visits us here in Prague. While not working, he is either cooking or riding.

The Inspector-General Tickets Me on Tram 22, Prague
by Sandra Maresh Doe
- 2006-07-04

Source: Sandra Maresh Doe received her B.A. from Doane College in Nebraska, M.A. from the University of Denver and doctorate of education from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. Sandra's career as English Professor at Metro spans more than 42 years. She has visited the Czech Republic at least twice, most recently as part of the Czech Academy of Sciences (SVU) symposium in České Buďejovice.

Oh The People You’ll Meet ….
by Tom Zahn
- 2005-05-29

Source: A true story! Based on the experiences of one client who really was "from the nobility..."


2021. Its Vintage Begins. Training, Part I
by Justin Wuycheck
- 2021-02-16