Around Třeboň - Natural Heritage Zone BOOK TOUR

Around Třeboň there is a lot more than horses...

In The Shadow of the Five Petal Rose
There was once a place of swamps and marshes that nobody wanted to live in. Then a wise young count fell in love with this land, and he spent much of the remainder of his life working to changed it. He channeled the water from the wetlands, collecting it into large ponds with trees planted along the banks. He then spoke to the waters, saying "from now on you will benefit the people and no longer be the cause of their suffering". Into each pond he placed carp. This land became rich, and the story of this insightful man immortal. Join us as we explore the land of Petr Vlk of Rožmberk.

Depart from Prague early on Saturday (from your hotel) and transfer via Tábor to Vesely nad Lužnice, where we will set out by bicycle to either Jindřichův Hradec, or Třeboň. There will be a stop along the way for picnic lunch, on our way to our destination. Upon arrival, enjoy a concert at the castle in Jindřichův Hradec (optional), or an evening stroll around the pond at Třeboň (natural protected zone). Sunday will begin with a buffet breakfast, followed by a hike, bicycle ride, or horseback riding (optional). Return after lunch to Prague, via České Budějovice.


The weekend's lodging will be at one of a wide variety of inns and small hotels, near Třeboň, Česky Krumlov, or Jindřichův Hradec. The atmosphere of these small hotels is both stylish and comfortable with staff that will make every effort to insure your comfort and satisfaction.


This district town has several interesting historic attractions. The fortified castle town is home to a regional archive and an ancient brewery. We can simply enjoy the surrounding parks and ponds. Nowhere else in the Czech lands is it more clear just how important the ponds are in the history of this nation, and how famous and wealthy they made the family Rožmberk. Because of it's uniqueness, this whole area is designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Jindřichův Hradec

The river Nežárka and the great pond named Vajgar are at the center of this romantic town, which belonged to the same dynasty as Třeboň and Česky Krumlov. They are each known by the motif of the 'Five Petal Rose' that can found here in carvings and glass. The quiet parks and courtyards are complemented by traditional Southern Bohemian architectural styles. Additionally, one of the treasures to be found here is the world's largest mechanized, hand carved Nativity. 


3450 Kč per Person* | $195 US per Person*

* Price includes:
  • English speaking guide
  • Transportation & Admission fees
  • Lodging (based on double occupancy)
  • Equipment rental (bicycle, helmet, water bottle, day pack, gloves) and detailed route map
  • Picnic (bagged) lunch on Saturday with bottled water, and Sunday breakfast,

- Rate based on 4 participants (double occupancy)

- Single occupancy option is available for an additional 850Kč.
- 15% Discount available for groups of 6 or 7 participants.