Karlštejn Castle & Český Kras - by Bike or Hike BOOK TOUR

Any time of the Year, the countryside just beyond Prague, are rich in natural beauty and meandering country roads. 

Less than half-an-hour from Prague you can ride amidst the peaceful forest of Bohemia Centralis. Bicycle the winding roads or hike the winding paths up to bluffs that overlook the Berounka River. Travel ancient paths past limestone caves and stone fortresses previously used by the ruling Přemysl dynasty. The mystery of these legends is uncovered as we wind our way into the valley and up to Karlštejn Castle.

Depart from the center of Prague (call for time and location) by train to Beroun to begin the tour. Travel on back roads and well-marked river trails to St. John-Under-the-Rock. Continue by road or through the forest to Karlštejn, one of the most well-known castles in Bohemia. A tour of the castle is also possible before returning to Prague.

Optional bike ride would be between 25-35 km, and like the hiking can be altered according to your ability. Some terrain is hilly, and may be challenging for novice riders, but the guides will take care to go at a casual rate.

Other possible destinations:

The largest system of Bohemian caves, they extend three stories below ground. There is a 2-km route open to the public for viewing stalagmites and stalactites.

This well-known site is where Saint Ludmilla ( grandmother of Saint Vaclav) was murdered by her daughter-in-law’s henchmen. It also provides one of the more spectacular views of the Berounka river valley. It’s a grand old town – the first mention of Tetín appears in 921AD. 


(approximately 6 hours, minimum 4 participants)
Includes guide and transportation
Price does not include entry fees, equipment rental or food & beverage