Foraging in the Bohemian Woods BOOK TOUR

A Walk in the Bohemian Woods to Discover the Joy of Foraging Mushrooms.

Mushroom picking is something of a national pastime in the Czech lands. For those who know their mushrooms, the season stretches through most of the year. It is most evident during the late summer and early fall, though, when conditions are ideal, that natives of all ages head out with their baskets in hand to the forests, where they forage for a variety of edible mushrooms.

Not only is this an excellent opportunity to explore the colorful landscape, it is a characteristic part of Czech culture that cannot be overstated. If you wish to know something more about this tiny nation, besides decorative eggs (kraslice), hockey and beer, then get yourself a wicker basket and join us for something uniquely Czech.

We offer day trips into the forests outside of Prague, with guides who can instruct you how to identify the different varieties of mushrooms that are edible, and those that are most popular. We like to take these walks near some storybook castle, or mysterious rock formations, for example Křivoklát Castle West of Prague, or Kokořín to the East, so that in addition to the hunt for mushrooms, we may also enchant you with mythical tales from the woods. Transportation is by private car or van, for groups of 2 to 6 participants, with the average trip time between 4 - 6 hours.

Price: $39/hour