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We have been assisting individuals & small groups to realize their travel goals in Central Europe since 1994, offering an impressive variety of destinations, activities, lodging, and transportation according to your wishes. Please wander through and enjoy our site: trips described here may be booked as they appear, or used simply as an example of the many possibilities. Let us assist you to Experience the Mysteries In Prague & Well Beyond.

Map of Destinations is a new feature on our web page. It is intended to geographically illustrate where you can find special destinations throughout the region. We hope you will find someplace(s) that will attract you to spend an extra day, or more, exploring the countryside. Each destination will have links to our tour descriptions, but you may also use this map page to plan your own tour. Just let us know which places you find interesting, and we will send you a proposal.

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Here in the abundant farmlands of North Moravia you will find a great retreat for a long weekend, a wedding, or simply if you want to get in some riding while you in the country. The Vodniku Slami is well equipped for all your needs, with an especially good restaurant.

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Prague's Zoo is for the Birds, Elephants, Spiders, Bears, Seals, Etc..
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To get beyond sights listed in most guidebooks, call Tom & Marie Zahn from P.A.T.H. FINDERS Intl. Their tours are creative, affordable, and help travelers learn to find off-the-beaten-track destinations (even by themselves).

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