Too Many Pubs (or how I came to know Czech Beer) BOOK TOUR

No Need to Crawl when you visit Prague's Pubs.
Visit three characteristic pubs, & avoid rowdy stag parties and tourist traps.

What is the Difference?

Discover characteristic pubs, unique micro-brews & avoid tourist traps.

There are many offers for pub crawls in the Czech capital. Most serve large groups of 20 or more participants to keep the per-person cost down, and they frequent pubs that specialize in quantity over quality. It is no wonder that these crawls fall prey to high drink prices and thieves.

Our approach differs, as the size of each group is limited to 8 participants. The destinations we visit will be based on your preference.  Once we have established your interests (music, dance, beer, wine, cocktails, etc.) we will guide you to three different establishments, including at least one Prague icon of exceptional history and authentic local atmosphere.  Most places we take our guests do not welcome other pub crawls, as they cater to their own familiar clientele.

In this respect, each tour is different, and no one need crawl or get bullied by aggressive waiters. Most important, an authentic and safe Prague experience is ensured.



$135 (3 hours)
  • minimum 3 persons / maximum 6 persons
  • drinks & food not included