Prague by Car or Van BOOK TOUR

If Cobbled Stones are Not Your Thing

Prague is a pedestrian town. In many areas of the old town and castle neighborhoods, vehicles are prohibited. Not the best news for someone who has difficulty walking.

 You may choose to hop on buses, or into taxis, but these will only provide a limited amount of access, comfort and information. For those who want more, and seek the comfort of a private vehicle with driver and guide, we are happy to provide a solution for almost every transport need.

To fully appreciate some places in Prague such as the Castle and the Charles' Bridge, there will be some short walks at an unhurried pace. For larger groups, please contact us directly for a quotation.

Price for a Group of up to 3
$69/hour (min. 4 hours)

Groups of 4 to 6
$89/hour (min. 4 hours)