Guided Walking Tours in Prague BOOK TOUR

Treating Visitors as Welcome Guests

Prague is our home, and we are prepared to open the doors to its many mysterious and wonderful stories. There are many tours, but the advantages of a licensed private guide cannot be overstated. 

Our guide will lead you to the most well-known attractions of the city. They will also show you several sites that are not as well known, and share with you many little-known facts.

Best of all, you can ask questions. Whether about shopping or history, we are happy for your interest, and will do our best to reply. Thus, you may cease to see Prague as a tourism destination, and instead know it for what it is: One of the great living cities of Europe past and present.

The following are three typical walking tours (3 hours each):

1) Prague Castle, Golden Lane, Charles' Bridge, Old Town Square & Municipal House

2) Vyšehrad, National Cemetery, Výtoň Customs House, Emauzy, Church of Cyril and Methodius, New Town Hall and National Theater

3) Strahov Monastery Library, Petřín Tower, Vrtbovská Garden, Nerudova Street, Charles' Bridge

We employ guides who like to share the lesser-known wonders of Prague.  In fact those wonders are why we enjoy the city so much
Our guides would be happy to accompany you to some of these secret gems so that you too can fall in love with Prague.

These are some of our favorite other destinations in the city (4 hours each):
  • Břevnov Monastery & Hvězda 
  • Vítkov Hill, Radio Tower & Rieger's Park 
  • Barrandov Hills & Prokop's Valley 
  • Divoká Šárka - clean, cold,  spring fed pool
  • Stromovka Park & Prague Zoo
  • Prokopské Údolí - Geological wonderland
  • Gröbovka Sady - Vinyards & Cellar
  • Troja - Botanical Gardens & Zoo
$40/hour (up to 5 persons)
$50/hour (6 to 10 persons)
More than 10 persons based on proposal

On average, walking tours take 3 or 4 hours (depending on group and destination).
For your safety and enjoyment, private Guided Walking Tours are limited to 8 persons. 

In the event a group has more than 10 persons, we will divide the group between two guides.
This is to ensure that no one gets lost, and that Prague's clever thieves don't take advantage.