Hradec Králové BOOK TOUR

Just an hour from Prague, Hradec Králové in a Architectural & Historical monument with the Czech Republic's Cleanest Air

This city, boasting the cleanest air in the Czech Republic, is certainly a fresh change to the crowds of Charles Bridge.  Built upon a low hill, little in the approach through modern streets prepares you for the beauty of the old town.  Czech Renaissance, Baroque, and First Republic architecture frame the gigantic town square.

A whole day could be spent exploring just this old part of the town, but there is more to see in Hradec Králové: The Czech Modern Art Museum houses treasures from the late 19th-century to the present in a splendid art deco building.

A stroll next to the Labe (Elbe) River leads to a calm and elegant botanical garden - far different than the Königgrätz battlefield outside the city.  In summer the Air Ambulance Theater Festival animates the streets. This city is an excellent getaway from the crowds of Prague.

In addition to the splendid architecture of Josef Gočár, and technical monuments of František Křižík, this town is also host to many other styles and developments of the modern age. The new town that now surrounds the old fortified town square is a monument to to urban planning. Of the many Czech towns that were reinvented during the national revival of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Hradec Králové is perhaps the most ambitious and representative.

Finally, there will be an option for those visitors who wish to get beyond the town center to take a bike ride to the battlefields at Chlum. From this vista the whole town is visible on a clear day, and the details of this fateful episode in the history of Hradec Králové reach far beyond this town that lends its name to this battle. This option would add about š hours to the overall day, and is depending on weather and advance booking of equipment.  

(up to 4 passengers / 5 to 7 passengers)

(8 hours) $375 / $425

Price includes:
  • Vehicle with English speaking driver/guide
  • The cost of fuel, parking highway fees and taxes
Not included are cost of entry, bicycle rental fee, food and beverages