World War II Historical Sites & Monuments BOOK TOUR

Terezín, Lidice and the Crypt on Reslová street

A Look Back at the Not-So-Pleasant Past

World War II left many marks on the psyche of the Czech nation, but the physical marks of those events are now barely visible. It is difficult to imagine that a city as beautiful as Prague could have been draped in the red, black, and white banners of Hitler's dreaded Third Reich.

Well-known bridges, streets, and other current landmarks were then sites of a cruel fascist order. In one day, we will visit three of these sites that recount the villainy - and heroism - of this brutal time.

This tour will focus on the following three events:
  • the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich

  • the total destruction of Lidice and the fate of it's inhabitants

  • internment of Jewish people in the fortified town of Terezin

This tour will provide visitors with an overview of these particularly tragic events that took place on Czech soil during
the second world war. Combined, they tell the story about a government in exile, the fate of a small town, and the holocaust. It highlights those who were heroes, in the most desperate circumstances. Each of these memorials are connected by a single purpose - that such horrors must be remembered, so they should not happen again. 
Although the tour is offered here as a package including all three sites, certainly it can be divided into any single or two destinations, based on the wishes of our guests. Please do not hesitate to advise us what your interest is.


$380 / $445 (up to 4 persons / 5 to 7 persons)

Price includes:
9 hours with experienced English-speaking driver/guide
Transportation in private car or van
(all fuel, highway, and parking fees)

Not included is entry fees, or food and beverage.