Guided Walk & Ride Orientation Tour BOOK TOUR

Basic Orientation to Prague & Introduction to Transit System

Prague is a busy, and often crowded, place where the native language can sound quite unfamiliar. While English is frequently heard, this environment can still be a bit daunting; thus, we propose an orientation tour so you can make the most of your time in this beautiful city.
In addition to walking, we will instruct visitors how to use the extensive transportation system, which combines trams, metro, bus, train and ferry boats, to highlight different neighborhoods of Prague. As an orientation, the guide will provide you with a general overview, answer questions and make recommendations for other points of interest not included on the tour.

Please note: This option is not intended for those wishing to visit exhibitions, galleries, or shops. Instead, it is a quick and easy way to find out where everything is. We will tell you how to beat the crowds so you can then return independently to your places of the greatest interest.
Walk & Ride Orientation Tour

- $40/hour  (up to 5 persons)
- $55/hour (6 to 10 persons)
(transit passes not included -  min.  hours)