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Coming or Going from Prague - We can help you reach your destination safely...

Transfers From or To Prague

  • We can meet you at the your hotel (or airport), and provide safe and comfortable transportation with an English speaking driver to your choice of destination (within the Czech Republic or elsewhere throughout the Region).

  • According to your wish, we can take either the most direct (fastest) route, or recommend a variety of interesting stops along the way, thus providing you with ample opportunities to stretch your legs in the case of long distances (for example, the trip to Budapest from Prague, can be far more interesting with a stop in the wine country of South Moravia, or a visit to the capital city of Slovakia (Bratislava).

  • In an effort to provide you with as many options as possible, we can also provide details about transit options (e.g. bus, train, or plane), to help you fit your itinerary into a fixed budget. The most important part of your journey should be the pleasant surprises, and so ordinarily we will advise flexibility, but ultimately the choice is yours. In this way, we are not going to complicate your travel by taking you any place other than where you wish to go. If you want our tips for side trips, you need only ask. We really are specialized in the hidden gems between here and there.

  • Although we mostly cater to individuals or small groups, we are prepared to handle just about any size group. In this respect we can arrange transportation, lodging, and guiding for  everyone. Over the years we have helped with large (and small) family re-unions, weddings, school trips,  and conferences.  Thus, although we may be small, no task is too large.

  •  The following is a list of some sample transfers rates, whether you are traveling to or from Prague. We can also help you to choose ideal lodging and/or local guides as well:


Prices: (Up to 3 passengers / 4 to 7 passengers)

Based on estimated distance, road condition, and time of travel (round trip). All vehicle and highway fees, as well as the cost of fuel are included. Meals, beverages, or stops exceeding 1/2 hour for refreshment are not included. Each additional hour for sightseeing $35 / $45.

The rates quoted here are examples of transfers to or from Prague (3 passengers/4 to 7 passengers)
(these rates include cost of highway fees, taxes, and lodging for driver on trips exceeding 600Km round trip)
    • Prague - Berlin ($450 / $550)
    • Prague - Budapest ($500 / $620)
    • Prague - Vienna ($410 / $495)
    • Prague - Česky Krumlov ($400 / $485)
    • Prague - Krakow ($550 / $680)
    • Prague - Olomouc ($400 / $485)
    • Prague - Passau ($425 / $510)
    • Prague - Regensburg ($385 / $475)
    • Prague - Bamberg ($385 / $475)
    • Prague - Salzburg ($460 / $575)
    • Prague - Bratislava ($400 / $485)
    • Prague - Košice ($550 / $680)