A Day on the Periferie BOOK TOUR

Prague is a patchwork of towns and villages, woven together over 1000 years.

It is well known amongst Czechs that Prague is a village, but this cannot be understood by visitors unless they venture away from the center. Prague is in fact a patchwork of neighbohoods, where everyone seems to know one another.

With Prague's growing popularity and visitors from many nations, it can seem to be similar to any city in Europe. It has the most important sights that stand out, and beg for a photograph. You must suffer the consequences of scores of people taking selfies just about everywhere. If you want to cross the Charles' Bridge, the John Lennon Wall, Old Town Square, or Prague Castle, be prepared to stand in line. It is all about timing, and at the height of the day, from 9am to 6pm, on any given day, it will be crowded.

In this respect, we can say that Prague is the victim of its own beauty and popularity. For those born and raised here, however, there are many parts of this city that still have an undisturbed charm and tranquility. Prague is still just a village for them.
As many as 90% of the visitors will never discover these places. For the 10% that do wish to see another side of Prague, as side that is just as much Prague as the touristic center, we can help.

Our tours are based on the specific interests of our guests, so that no two tours are exactly alike. Granted, we do focus on particular themes, for example, geological formations, architectural styles, parks, history, and activities (i.e., hiking, boating, cycling, etc.). We call these tours "A Day on the Periferie", intentionally mixing English and Czech. We will introduce you to the parts of Prague where you will hear more Czech than English.

The following are a sample from our Map of Destinations:
  • Cibulka - 18th Century Romantic Park
  • Divoká Sarka - Natural Protected Area and Spring Fed Swimming Pool
  • Kobylisy - Garden Colonies and Swimming Pool
  • Kyje - Pond, Historic 13th Century Church and Wooden View Tower
  • Prokopské údolí - Geological Wonderland and Natural Protected Area.
  • Baba - 20th Century Functionalist Architectural Reservation

$40/hour (up to 5 persons)
$50/hour (6 to 10 persons)
More than 10 persons based on proposal

On average, walking tours take 3 or 4 hours (depending on group and destination).
For your safety and enjoyment, private Guided Walking Tours are limited to 10 persons. 

In the event a group has more than 10 persons, we will divide the group between two guides.
This is to ensure that no one gets lost, and that Prague's clever thieves don't take advantage.

Guided Tours to these areas, or consultation for Self Guided Tours is available. We can also help arrange for equipment rentals (bicycles, e-bikes, paddle boards, canoes, etc.).