Český Krumlov in 1 Day (from Prague) BOOK TOUR

If you are in the Czech Republic for only a short time, yet still wish to visit a well-preserved medieval town, we can help you get the most from a day in Český Krumlov.

Český Krumlov was a royal seat, and has the massive castle to prove it.This imposing UNESCO World-Heritage structure guards a sharp bend near the headwaters of the Vltava River. Below the castle, the merited tourism in this town has not reduced its beauty, and the medieval stone walls are now home to modern art festivals and works of the turn-of-the-20th-century artist Egon Schiele. Come experience for yourself the fascinating architecture, history, art of this South Bohemian town!


A Day Trip to Český Krumlov from Prague requires about 9-10 hours.
Here are some tips to help you get more from a day there:

  • It is recommended to depart Prague as early as possible start (ideally by 8am).

  • We highly recommend at least one of the 3 different tours offered of this remarkable castle (second only to Prague Castle in the Czech Republic for its splendor). These tours last about 1 hour, and are available only with guides provided by the Castle. The earliest tours usually have fewer participants, while tours that after 10am can have as many as 25 participants. 

  • Besides the tour(s) of the Krumlov Castle, there is an optional tour of the historic Eggenburg Brewery. This is a real hit for beer enthusiasts.

  • If at all possible, stop for an early lunch, or bring a bagged lunch. The best place for this is along the river, or on the terrace above the river. Regardless, you can be sure to find some wonderful views of the town and castle.

  • A casual walking tour (with frequent stops for shopping) is ideal following lunch. A tour of Krumlov's historic center typically takes about 2 hours. A guide would be able to take you directly to the particular highlights, shops or galleries you are most interested in. If you have no preference, we can make many recommendations.

  • Finally, Český Krumlov is well known among Czechs as a river town. Thus, it will come as no surprise that a short raft excursion is proffered for the more adventurous. Get the full Czech experience, float through Krumlov on the Vltava River.


Prices  $375 / $450 (up to 4 passengers / 5 to 7 passengers)

This day trip from Prague can be made in 9 hours
 additional hours will be charged
$35 each.

Price includes cost of vehicle with driver/guide,
as well as all taxes, highway fees, fuel and parking.

Admission fees, food & beverage are not included.