Breweries of Bohemia BOOK TOUR

Visit Two Different Breweries Every Day (Mon. - Fri.) From Prague or Brno

A Day For Those Who Adore Beer…

There is a saying in Bohemia: "beer is like liquid bread". Yes, this is a nation of beer lovers, and masters of the art of brewing good beer. Come along as we visit small regional breweries that produce beers found only within view of their chimneys. Once a week (or more if we get thirsty) we travel the breadth of the land to visit some of the most beautiful places in Bohemia, stopping at breweries where we experience firsthand the time-honored process of malting, cooking, fermenting, filtering, aging and tasting. Besides appealing to connoisseurs of heady brews, there will also be activities for those wishing to learn more about this Culture of Beer.


Departing from Prague, each brewery tour will visit 2 breweries, along with other historic points of interest (Castles, museums, natural protected areas, etc…).  Good beer needs good food and restaurants are carefully chosen to provide a hearty lunch. Tours are scheduled to return to Prague between 6 and 8pm for an optional dinner at a Prague brewery.   Extended brewery tours (2 days or more) can also be arranged based on 7 days’ advance notice.


Featured Breweries
Over the course of the Summer, we typically visit as many of the regional breweries as possible. These include: Bernard, Černa Hora, Herold, Chodovar, Ježek, Klášter, Krušovice, Měštán, Novopacke, Nymburk, Rebel, Rychtář, Svijany, Želiv, and others. We are happy to recommend your visit to coincide with special events, such as beer fairs and hops festivals (a special treat!).

Between Beers

Museums of beers and brewing
Traditional village museums (skanzen)
Historical towns and castles

Prices - For up to 4 passengers / from 5 to 7 passengers

$275 / $350 (6 - 7 hours round trip from Prague or Brno)
        • Includes transportation & guide
        • Entry fees, food and beverages not included.
        • Tour limited to persons 18 years and older