Town & Country Lodging


There are a number of reasons that we chose to book our clients in the Hotel Elektra. The first is its ideal location in the small town of Bechyně. This town boasts a long tradition of ceramics that is well known beyond the Czech borders. The town square is on a bluff overlooking the Lužnice River. While it is a popular destination among Czechs, it is a peaceful retreat compared to other towns in South Bohemia.

There is a very comfortable charm that is most evident when you enter the dining room. It feels like you are the guest in the living room of someone with extraordinary good taste. But the best feature of all are the views over the winding river valley. The Hotel in fact was a villa once owned by, and built for the man who invented the electric lighting system in the Czech Lands, František Křížik. He lived here during the construction of the high rail bridge that brought the first electric trains to Bechyně.

The Vila, built in the early 1900's, in a style all its own, to illustrate the modern ambitions of the age. It was built on a plot of land that is adjacent to the Franciscan Monastery gardens, with a breathtaking view of the river valley, and the electric railway bridge, built at the same time. It has been wonderfully restored in recent years, and it is a true gem in terms of distinguished accommodations. A couple nights in the Elektra, will have you well rested, and feeling like a country squire.