Stará Boleslav Pouť BOOK TOUR

Saint Wenceslas came this way. His last journey ended in Stará Boleslav. Today we follow in his footsteps.

There are many walking paths throughout the Czech Landscape. Some are newly created in the 19th century, while others are quite a bit older. Before the modern age of railways and automobiles, people moved from place to place following well established footpaths. At the time of St. Wenceslas (Vaclav), the forests were thick and full of danger, so the paths were the only way to keep from getting hopelessly lost.

Today, some of these older paths have been replaced by highways of steel and asphalt. The ways have been leveled and straightened for our convenience. But with these improvements there has also been some losses. The path from Prague to Stará Boleslav, the historic seat of Boleslav  (Vaclav's younger brother), is a perfect example. Of the 44 chapels that were built along this ancient road in the 17th century, today less than 1/2 remain. Mostly they sit idle, sometimes in the middle of fields, or in parking lots.

Only recently has this holy path been renewed, at least in part. We welcome the return of pilgrims who wish to make this journey of faith, and celibrate the life and special accomplishments of the patron saint of the Czech nation.

Join us on this 2-3 day walk (26Km), between Prague's Karlin neighborhood and the historic towns of Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav. We will walk in the quiet and peaceful nature that acts like a bridge between present and past. A guided trip can be scheduled according to whatever dates you wish, but you may also wish to join the traditional pilgrimage on the Feast of St. Wenseslas (Sept. 28), when there are hunders of other pilgrims. In either case, we will be happy to assist you to find the path that best suits your need for lodging and historical context of the events that make this way special.

$40/hour (up to 5 persons)
$50/hour (6 to 10 persons)
More than 10 persons based on proposal

On average, walking tours take 3 or 4 hours (depending on group and destination).
For your safety and enjoyment, private Guided Walking Tours are limited to 10 persons. 

In the event a group has more than 10 persons, we will divide the group between two guides.
This is to ensure that no one gets lost, and that Prague's clever thieves don't take advantage.