Winter Evenings in Prague BOOK TOUR

The Daylight is Short, but the City is Warm and Alive

We would like to invite you to visit Prague in what is traditionally considered to be the "off Season", just before or after the Christmas and New Year holidays. Anytime from the middle of Nov. Through Jan., with the exception of Christmas and New Years is a great time to visit Prague. In addition to the Markets that open by Dec. 5 (the feast day of St. Mikulas), there are many concerts and theater events. Best of all, this is the time of the year when tourist numbers are typically at their lowest point. Thus, it is an opportunity to find discounts on lodging and airfare, and even more important, space to move around and enjoy the many wonders this city has to offer.

Despite the shortened daylight, or perhaps because of this, the atmosphere of the city is truly enhanced when it is lit up by festive holiday decorations, and scores of sidewalk kiosks selling mulled wine. There is also a special quality to this season's natural lighting. It is difficult to describe, or to capture with a camera, the myriad colours and fleeting quality of a Prague Winter sunrise, or sunset over this magical city.

Prague's great fortune is that it is not flat, or at the bottom of some deep valley. It has several small hills surrounding the eligant river Vltava, that meanders quite gracefully through its heart. A view from any one of these hills reveals the that this city has many faces, depending on where you stand at just the right moment.

Let us be your guide, to help you find her smile, to learn her many stories, and to follow her cobbled paths through this mother of all cities. No two walking tours are alike, as they are based on the interests and wishes of each visitor. The walks are equally interesting for Prague long term residents. Unlike the other private tours we offer, these explorations are suitable for small groups. This helps our guests to economize by sharing the cost. We also offer these tours according to specific themes, such as photography, food, religious shrines, and of course markets.


Given 1 week advance notice, we can design a Prague experience suited to your wishes and interests. And we can do so at an affordable rate.

$40/hour (up to 5 persons)
$50/hour (6 to 10 persons)
More than 10 persons based on proposal

On average, walking tours take 3 or 4 hours (depending on group and destination).
For your safety and enjoyment, private Guided Walking Tours are limited to 10 persons. 

In the event a group has more than 10 persons, we will divide the group between two guides.
This is to ensure that no one gets lost, and that Prague's clever thieves don't take advantage.