It's All Happening At The Prague Zoo BOOK TOUR

Prague's Zoo is for the Birds, Elephants, Spiders, Bears, Seals, Etc..

Troja was once the edge of Prague, but it is now a centerpiece of the capital's cornucopia of delights. Prague Zoo is an award-winning, innovative park adorning this neighborhood on the banks of the Vltava. While there are various ways to get to Troja, on foot or by bike through Stromovka Park is our favorite.

We often advise visitors to put aside a full day for Troja and the Zoo, they often question whether it is worthwhile. We know there are many places to see and things to do in this magical city. Too many for just a few days. The Prague Zoo is unlike other zoo parks throughout the world. It is more of a World's Fair of Zoos, where different countries designed and built there own pavilions. Indeed it is a gem in Prague's Crown, and we believe well worth adding a day to any itinerary.

Beside the Zoo, there is also the Prague Botanical Gardens and St. Clair's Vinyards. For wine lovers it is a chance to experience the drinkable pleasures of the region. Bicycle and Hiking trails easily connect Troja to most parts of the city, and there is also a city bus that runs regularly from the Holešovice Metro and Tram stop.  We advise you to leave enough time (a whole day) for this part of Prague. You will be surprised just how much there is to do here.