St. Ludmila Pilgrimage BOOK TOUR

Sept 2021 marks the 1100 year anniversary of the martyrdom of St. Ludmila, patron saint of the Czech Nation, and grandmother of St. Vaclav.

To commemorate this anniversary, we are planning a 10 day pilgrimage from her birthplace in Mělnik to the place of her death in Tetin. There will be 8 days walking, at a relatively easy pace of 12-14 Km/day. Two days will be spent in Prague, to rest and enjoy concerts, masses and exhibitions dedicated to her life.

It is our hope that we can help support anyone who wishes to make this pilgrimage with transportation, lodging, or companionship. We are planning to make this journey, and you are welcome to join us.

We will set out from Melnik after a commemoration service at the Church of St. Ludmila. Our destination on the first day will be Lužec nad Vltavou. Along the way we will pass through the chateau park at Hořin. The second day will continue from Lužec to Nelahozeves, the birthplace of Anton Dvorak. The third day will continue from Nelahozeves to Libčice nad Vltavou where there are the ruins of Liběhrad castle and the baroque church of St. Bartolomej. The forth day will set out from Libčice, cross the Vltava River by ferry, and follow the oposite bank of the river to Levy Hradec. There will be another mass at the church of St. Clemens, which was originally founded by St. Ludimila. The fifth and final leg of this part of the journey to will be from Levy Hradec to Troja, in Prague.

Following a 2 day interval, during which there will be a number of activities or simply time to rest, we will continue from Vyšehrad in Prague and walk along the Vltava River to Černošice. The second leg of this journey will take us from Černošice to Karlštejn, home of the well known castle. And finally, the last leg of the pilgrimage journey will be from Karlštejn to Tetin, via Svaty Jan pod Skalou. There will be a mass in Tetin to celebrate the life of St. Ludmila and remember her death.  

It is important to note that further details concerning lodging are not yet available, due to the pandemic. However, the route was chosen to simplify transportation by train. This will allow us to return to Prague each night, and begin again at the same place the following day. Along the route there will also be places to stop for food or beverage.

We hope that you will be able to join us, as this promises to be a wonderful journey.