St. Ludmila Pilgrimage BOOK TOUR

Svatá Ludmila – 1100 years
Sept. 2 to 13, 2021

A walk from Mělnik to Tetín in memory of the mother of Christianity in the Czech Lands. All are welcome to celebrate the anniversary of this holy woman’s death. There are 9 stages, each suitable for young and old. You may choose to walk only one, or all. There will be special Masses and Discussions about the life and times of Ludmila scheduled each day. There is no fee to join this pilgrimage. It is free to all. Participants must pay, however, for their own transportation, refreshment, and entry fees. Destinations are all accessible by train or public transit. Each stage will be dedicated to some charitable cause, and contributions are entirely voluntary.

Set out from Melnik from St. Ludmila Church, cross the river Labe and Vltava Canal over the extraordinary Hořin Lock Bridge. We return to Prague by train at the end of each stage. The second stage brings us to Nelahozeves, birthplace of Anton Dvorak. On the third stage, we find ourselves finally in the presence of St. Ludmila at Budeč, in the oldest church in Bohemia. From there we will travel to Levý Hradec on the fourth day of walking through picturesque middle earth landscapes. These are the fields of barley and rye, horse farms, and small hillocks adorned with symbols of faith in the divine. The final stage brings us to Prague Castle, via the Jeleni Prikop, the former mote that protects the castle.

After two days of break, during which there are related exhibitions and concerts, or time to rest, we again set out, from the Basilica of St. George at Prague Castle to Barrendov, via Old Town and Vyšehrad. The next day leads us out of Prague, along streams and through forests feeding into the Vltava and rising above the valley floor to Černošice. From there, the next leg is to Karlštejn, home of the well known castle built in the 14th century by Charles IV. The 9th and final stage of this journey, from Karlštejn to Tetin, is along an old path, beside an ancient spring. The view from Tetin is by itself a celebration of St. Ludmila's life.  

The following is a list of destinations for each stage, and the distances:

Day 1 - Sept 2 – Mělnik to Mlčechvosty - 14.4Km
Day 2 – Sept 3 - Mlčechvosty to Nelahozeves - 13.7Km
Day 3 – Sept 4 – Nelahozeves to Budeč - 12.1Km
Day 4 – Sept 5 – Budeč to Levý Hradec – 14Km
Day 5 – Sept 7 – Levý Hradec to Prague Castle - 16.8Km
Day 6 – Sept 10 – Prague Castle to Barrandov – 11.2Km
Day 7 – Sept. 11 – Barrandov to Černošice – 16.7Km
Day 8 – Sept 12 – Černošice to Karlštejn – 13.5Km
Day 9 – Sept 13 – Karlštejn to Tetín – 11.2 Km

We hope that you will be able to join us, as this promises to be a wonderful journey.