The Poetic Slavkov Forests BOOK TOUR

Castle Loket & Slavkov Forest - The perfect setting for a epic poem of unrequited love...

A bend in the river, an impressive castle built upon high cliffs, and thick forests of oak, beech and pine. This is the Slavkov Forest, the natural protected landscape between Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně. This is where Johann Wolfgang Goethe fell in love.

Join us in this charming place, immortalized by the spell it cast on travelers over the years.  It is also the land of a thousand different facets - everyone can find exactly the things he or she wishes for here. An historical land, romantic and noble, with undulated plains, verdant forests, picturesque valleys, hot and cold mineral springs, grand palaces, splendid gardens, and medieval castles...

Loket - A small town situated in a particularly romantic environment. The 13th-century castle and the surrounding town were built by the Přemyslids to guard their western border with the Franks. The castle stands on a steep granite outcrop overlooking the river Ohře, where it forms an elbow (or loket in Czech) at its base. From 1815, fine porcelain was manufactured here, imitating the products from Meissen and Vienna. The local products bore the trade mark of an armored arm holding a sword, testifying that the product was genuine Loket porcelain.

This is a place of incredible beauty that was overlooked in the 20th century, after the second world war and the forced removal of most of its inhabitants. More recently it has become a romantic getaway, close to the bustling spa town of Karlovy Vary. Thus, it has stood, a quiet sentinel to the passage of time, witness to the ebbs and flow of history.

Mariánské Lázně - a fashionable spa town with 19th century palaces and pavilions that echo a prosperous history. The peat bogs and carbonic springs have made this town famous. Today the central attraction is a colorful fountain that combines classical and modern music before a romantic colonnade.



Prices - (up to 4 passengers / 5 to 7 passengers)

$425 / $500 - for a 9 hour day trip from Prague

$380 / $480 - per day for extended travel (three 8 hour days or more)

$35 / $45 - per hour for 2 hours added to Prague - Bamberg transfer