Mikulov - A well-kept secret in the Czech Republic. BOOK TOUR

Between Vienna and Prague, minutes from Lednice & Valtice (UNESCO), an Archbishops' palace surrounded by Jewish heritage. 

The story of an harmonious existence between Jews and Christians, a gorgeous square watched over by a palace on a rocky hill.  Pagan mounds adapted into Marian shrines, and did we mention incredible wines?  Mikulov is a special place, a border town that was forgotten under decades of communism.  Its re-emergence has been slow: After the Czech Republic opened its frontier with Austria, casinos and cheap hotels sprung up on the edge of town to welcome the West.  A sad story if it ended there.  

But the residents of Mikulov have slowly reclaimed the greatness of this town: Now, because of its rich architectural history, its deep importance to Central-European Jewish history, and its world-class white wines (and very good, characterful reds), Mikulov is a perfect spot to spend a few hours - or a few days.  Close to the more popularly visited nearby UNESCO World Heritage sites at Lednice and Vlatice, Mikulov is a perfect base for exploring the wines of Moravia – without the crush of thousands of tourists!  Let us take you there.

We can provide an extraordinary glimpse into the wine culture of South Moravia, accompanied by an experienced guide and local experts. These trips are intended to appeal to people with a discerning taste for wine. We are confident that the wines we introduce will surprise and delight you. An added advantage is to also have an opportunity to visit not only the cellars, but in some cases the production facilities, and to ask questions. Thus, we can help you to get to the root of what it is that makes Moravian wine so special. 

Price - (up to 3 passengers / 4 to 7 passengers)
$375 / $450 - for a 9 hour day trip from Prague
$325 / $400 - per day for two 8 hour days)
$30 / $40 - per hour for 2 hours added to Prague - Vienna transfer 

Cost of transportation in private vehicle (fuel, highway fees, taxes and parking)
English speaking driver & guide

Not included:
Cost of lodging, meals and entry fees.