The Grapes of South Moravia BOOK TOUR

Just far enough from Prague, South Moravian wine cellars and vineyards invite visitors to linger. 

Whenever we have an opportunity to take visitors to "our favorite place", the first place that comes to mind is all of South Moravia. There is a special atmosphere in this land of vineyards and cellars, and it is never easy to suggest just one. 

Whether you are just passing through, or you have time to stay, take some refreshment in the land down under Prague (and very close to Vienna).

Whether resting in Mikulov next to the Palava Hills with their unique geology, passing through Znojmo high above the Dyje River, strolling in Velké Pavlovice from one cellar to another, or biking around the fertile basin of Slovácko, the cradle of Slavic Christianity, you will find each region shares a common thread:  Wine has been produced here for more than a thousand years, and it is truly the lifeblood of many towns and villages today.  Come and discover the surprising and well celebrated wine culture of Southern Moravia with us!

We can provide an extraordinary glimpse into the wine culture of South Moravia, accompanied by an experienced guide and local experts. These trips are intended to appeal to people with a discerning taste for wine. We are confident that the wines we introduce will surprise and delight you. An added advantage is to also have an opportunity
to visit not only the cellars, but in some cases the production facilities, and to ask questions. Thus, we can help you to get to the root of what it is that makes Moravian wine so special. 

Price - (up to 4 passengers / 5 to 7 passengers)
$390 / $480 - for a 10 hour day trip from Prague
$325 / $400 - per day for extended travel (three 8 hour days or more)
$35 / $45 - per hour for 2 hours added to Prague - Vienna transfer

Cost of transportation in private vehicle (fuel, highway fees, taxes and parking)
English speaking driver & guide

Not included:
Cost of lodging, meals and entry fees.