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Booking & Event Planning

 •    Vltava River Dinner Cruise - Evenings (6:30 - 9:00pm) - $139/person. Two-and- a- half hour evening Vltava River cruise on the River Boat Lužnice. This includes a traditional Czech meal, served À la carte with aperitif, live music, and bow view of the city in the evening.

    •    Advanced Booking for a variety of venues (Opera, Ballet, Concerts, Restaurants etc.) - $25/event handling fee.

    •   Transfers to and from the event and your lodging, available on request (minimum 48 hours notice) - $45/each way (up to 7 passengers).

Tell us if you are here on some special occasion (anniversary, birthday, reunion, etc.), the size of your party, and the desired budget. We will help you find a suitable venue and help make whatever arrangements you require (cost proposal by request)