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For those looking to loose the crowds, but not their money

Looking For Directions?

In fact it is possible to find your way and see so much more without selling the farm
. As an alternative to group tours that offer fixed prices and are based on a large number of participants, our approach is different. We provide savings through information about discounts, timing and destinations. With 18 years of experience, in many cases helping retired people on fixed incomes to visit their ancestral places, has uniquely prepared us to assist independent travelers.

When traveling
on a shoestring, as a family with children for example, the expensive supplements, such as guides, drivers, and fancy hotels, are often beyond most people's means. Thus, we offer consulting at a fixed hourly rate. You can decide for yourself how much of our experience you require. We may very well wind up advising you to reconsider what you might think would be a romantic rail journey, or a "must-do" visit to a well-known castle or town. In some cases the popularity has spoiled the charm of many destinations. Instead, we will help you find the extraordinary alternatives that haven't yet been discovered. This is where we can help you find the savings.

The point of a self-guided adventure, and the necessary ingredient for a successful outcome, is planning with good information. It may seem like this would be readily available through most travel agents or web sites, but instead so many are like showroom windows luring you into some packaged deal. Hotels and venues often promote themselves through provisions to agencies. Such
offers are far from what you might expect. It is important to establish beforehand who the agency is working for.

Alternately, finding sites that do provide a wealth of unbiased and easily accessible data could take more time and effort than many travelers have. We offer you our experience as a partner. We have lived, traveled extensively, and provided guidance to travelers throughout Central Europe (Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia) for 18 years. We can help you find some truly wondrous places, many for only a fraction of what you might otherwise pay, and your savings will not be at the expense of enjoyment. Instead, our method is simply in knowing how to find local people to share their special hideaways.

Self Guided Consulting Fee = $45/hour
(Booking & Maps optional)