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Mosaic House

A Place to Call Home in Prague

Every year there are dozens of new hotels, pensions and hostels opening in Prague. Seldom do they differ much from what is already on offer. At the beginning of June, 2010, the Mosaic House opened, and it is already quite clear that this is a different type of accommodation.

The newest addition to the Bohemian Hostels network, which includes Sir Toby's, Miss Sophie's, and Czech Inn, the Mosaic was carefully named "House" instead of hostel. At first glance, the reasons are evident. Previous generations of hostels, intentionally catered to young travelers on a tight budget. They usually took advantage of empty dorm rooms, or athletic club housing.

Not until Bohemian Hostels got into the game, was there any real difference between one hostel and another. With the Mosaic House, Prague now has truly created a unique, centrally located, and affordable lodging. Prepared not only to care for the needs of travelers (of all ages), but also setting a very age appropriate standard for energy efficiency.

Whether you are 15 or 65, you're likely to find the atmosphere at the Mosaic House to be closer to a 3 or 4 star hotel than a hostel. Complete with all the high tech gizmos, big screen tv's, and down under English, you may find it hard to believe that you are in Prague.

The upside of the bottom line is that the Mosaic House is entirely smoke free, and unusually friendly. This is a great place to retreat back to after you have had enough of the cobbled stone streets of Prague.