Town & Country Lodging

Vodniku Slami

It can be difficult to describe the surprise that we found in the somewhat remote farmland of Selisia. This is the place for someone who lives in Prague, with children who love horses, and is desperate to find someplace that is in the countryside, but not too rural.

In some respects there is magic in the gardens that surround this histori mill. It appears to have begun modestly, but once it caught on, the owners did a great job developing a full service pension, surrounded by gardens, with an excellent restaurant and private rooms that are clean and comfortable.

Chances are that no matter when you book your stay, there will be a wedding party. Don't let this discourage you. There is plenty of space, and the buildings that house guests are spread out, so everyone can have their fun, as well as some peace and quiet. This is also a great place to ride, with a number of good trails through forests, meadows and rolling hills.