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Hotel Dreibeiniger Hund
It is not possible to recommend a hotel in a place that is otherwise unknown, without first including a brief explanation. Why visit Görlitz? This question is fair enough, and the answer is not only by virtue of the town's many attractions. It is also the unique geographic and historic significance of this location. Görlitz has seen many ebbs and flows in the course of history. Most recently, after the German re-unification and openning of the border with Poland, it has emerged from the curse of geopolitics. It has become home to a new generation of artists and proud residents. Just 2 hours from Prague and 1 hour to Dresden, it is also on the road that leads to Krakow.

The town has been used as a setting for several films, partially because of its mostly intact historic center. The Dreibeiniger Hund is symbolic of this new age. Film makers needed comfortable lodging. Even moreso, the owners hav a long history with hospitality, aware that most German travelers require a good meal to welcome them. In many other towns we have visited, restaurants and hotels are not always one in the same. More often than not, German hotels are your home and kitchen in whatever town you visit.

As you enter the Hotel Dreibeiniger Hund through its wonderful wooden doors, you are greeted by the smell of food, at any time of day. You enter through the restaurant. Lodging is in comfortable rooms, equiped with old furniture and each with a private toilet and bath. The decorations are modest, appropraite for an Inn from the 19th century, with beds that are covered by authentic eiderdown duvet. This is our special tip for a weekend getaway for the Christmas Market.