Town & Country Lodging

Domus Henrici

In the neighborhood of Prague Castle, Hotel Domus Henrici is a historic house, just a few steps from several attractive sights. The professional staff will make you feel comfortable as well as welcome. Rooms are tastefully decorated, clean and quiet, with some great views. This is our first recommendation to friends.

We have never had a complaint from anyone who has stayed in the Domus Henrici, and we have been recommending this small boutique hotel, for almost 20 years. It has always impressed us as a great bargain, considering its location and the high standard that the hotel staff provide.

It is not close to a transit line, and it does not have an elevator, but this should not discourage those who are eager and able to walk. This is the perfect place to return to rest after a long day exploring the city below. Prague Castle, and St. Vitus Cathedral, along with several galleries, restaurants, cafes, gardens and the Petrin park, are within walking distance. Still, this part of Prague is remarkably quiet, and it makes for an ideal retreat.

The rooms are tastefully decorated with antique furniture, and have some of the original historic ceilings and floors. Unlike many newly built hotels, the Domus Henrici has maintained its authentic character. The hospitality of the hotel staff will also make you feel at home. Looking out from any window, you will be reminded why this is called the city of 100 spires.