Town & Country Lodging

Hotel Nautilus

Besides being directly on the main square in this beautiful historic town, the Hotel Nautilus offers a very high standard of comfort and charm. This is a level of hospitality that can be found in very few towns outside of the larger cities.

What sets the Nautilus apart, in a class by itself, is the Goldie Restaurant. Their buffet breakfast alone, that includes a cornucopia of warm breads, local pastries, fresh fruit juices, hot dishes, pate, cheeses and cold cuts. 

The chef is a star, whose celebrity is well deserved. Thus, even if you are not a guest at the hotel, you would be well advised to drop in to Tabor, on your way to South Bohemia for example, just for the lunch specials at the Restaurant Goldie.

We recommend staying at least a night, or more, not only for the food, but to experience the peaceful atmosphere, kind hospitality and comfortable trappings that this truly luxury class hotel offers. We believe that you will not be disappointed.