Town & Country Lodging

Hotel Hoffmeister

We have assisted many families who wish for just such a place. So we are happy to recommend Dvur Hoffmeister. It's a gem! The word dvur means "courtyard". The Czech countryside is home to countless of these once prosperous farms. This one, in close proximity to Prague, has been tastefully restored. It is an active equestrian farm, with attached stables. Inside the residence are tastefully appointed rooms, and a restaurant that deserves a lot more attention than it gets.

 This Dvur is about 15 minutes by car from Prague Airport. It has access to Prague by train from Okoř, or by car. There are a number of remarkable hiking trails in the are. For example, the walk between Budec, one of the early Czech settlement, and Levy Hradec, another early Czech memorial site, is as good as it gets. The view over the Vltava at one point is a reason enough to spend some time in the country. With a guide and a horse, or an ebike if you are so inclined, Prague is close enough, and far enough, for those who are comfortable down on the farm.