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Boutique Ľotel Oberża Sąsiadów

The historic neighborhood of Kazimierz in Krakow is a bustling place. It is best known as the site of the Jewish Ghetto during the Nazi occupation. Scars still remain from these dreadful years, and the neglect that followed the war. With renewed interest in Krakow, after 1989, and especially in the sites connected with the first half of the 20th century, the center of Krakow's tourism is shifting to Kazimierz. This is the place to find great food, music, cafes, outdoor markets, and galleries.

Until recently good lodging in this part of Krakow was difficult to find, but this is rapidly changing. The Boutique Ľotel Oberża Sąsiadów is a perfect example of this new trend. It is a tastefully renovated 2 story walk up, with a nice restaurant and cafe on the ground floor
. The fact that it does not have an elevator is made up by the fact that the rooms are quiet, comfortable and tastefully decorated, each in a different style.

While we would probably suggest something else for visitors who are weary from travel, and looking for more amenities, this hotel has a charm that will surely appeal to more energetic travelers who don't mind giving up a lift for the characteristic charm of an old Krakow house.

Beside the physical characteristics, there is the
Oberża Sąsiadów has one of the friendliest staffs that we have experienced. Not enough can be said about how much a smile makes a difference after negotiating the difficult streets of Krakow. In fact the Polish people we have met are quite friendly and cheerful, but when you wander around this busy town you can see the cost of Krakow's popularity on people's faces. Somehow the staff at this Boutique Ľotel get it. Amidst the hectic atmosphere, they provide an oasis of calm and hospitality.