Alois Kareš

by Martin Kareš & Jiří Hostinský  |  ISBN: 978-80-908351-0-8  |  Type: Hard Bound


This is a biography of Alois Kareš by his descendant, Martin Kareš. Although it is now only available in the Czech language, there are many wonderful color pictures of advertisements, people and places that played a pivitol role in the Czech diaspora to America. Included are many pages of alphabetically listed individuals who he helped to emigrate, where they were from, with house numbers, as well as the details about the process of emigration, and their destinations.

We were first introduced to the work done by Alois Kareš, in the 1990's, and have come across his name on countless occasions in the materials that clients provide to us. It was clear that records of this so called "emigration agent" could be of great value to genealogical researchers. This book helps to illustrate the organisation of this enterprise, in the Czech Lands, at the port cities, and in the US. It is a worthy addition to the library of any Czech Historical Institution.    

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