Prague's Stolpersteine

by Trevor Sage  |  ISBN: 978-80-11-00522-1  |  Type: Paperback


The author, Trevor Sage, initially visited Prague in 2000, as a tourist from the UK. While on tour of the Jewish Quarter, he saw his first Stolperstein (stumbling stone), the work of German artist, Gunter Demnig. This art project placed brass plates on 10 x 10cm concrete blocks in the sidewalks directly in front of buildings where Jewish people had lived before being deported during WWII. There are many cities in Europe that now have Stolpersteine.

When Sage retired in 2006, he returned to Prague, where he noticed that the plates were not being cared for. Thus, he got a bucket of water and a brush, and he began to clean them himself. At the time there was also no complete list of all the markers that had been placed in Prague. This, then, became his mission, to create a catalogue of these Stolpersteine, and to add as much detail as he could about the people and families who lives they remember.

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