The Wines of Hungary

by Alex Liddell  |  ISBN: 1 84000 789 3  |  Type: Paperback

Published in Great Britain in 2003 by Mitchell Beazley. Copyright Octopus Publishing and Alex Liddell. 

This is more than a guide to the many wine regions of Hungary, it is also a history of technology and economics that effected the development of viniculture specific to Hungary. The author takes great effort to keep this information relevant to the ever changing circumstances in the  Hungarian wine industry, which differ significantly from neighboring countries due to the effects of privatization that are unique to Hungary. He also cites examples of the adverse effects of communism. 

For those less interested in the industry and politics of Hungarian wine, who instead want some clear description of the unique terrains and varieties, this book is also a good place to start. Certainly it could be more detailed, but we will leave other books to endeavor to explore those depths. This book gives us a region by region summary and basic overview of what can be expected here.

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