The Baťa Phenomenon - Zlín Arcitecture 1910-1960

by Ladislava Horňáková & Radomíra Sedláková  |  ISBN: ISBN 978-8085052-78-7  |  Type: Hard Bound

Published by the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts, Zlin 2009

It is difficult to briefly describe the contributions of the Baťa family firm to architecture in the industrial town of Zlín, in East Central Moravia. 

An iconic shoe maker, and a trademark known far and wide in the world, Thomas Baťa was not satisfied to only make shoes. His interests were many, and among them architecture was one of the most prolific. 

Zlín is the product of the industrial revolution at its height in the time of the Austrian Empire. The growth of the town was a model for factory towns around the world. 

This book both describes this growth, as well as illustrating, with more than 100 photographs and architectural drawings just how much of an inspiration and role architecture played in the growth and success of this firm.

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