Prague Sightseeing & Walking Tours

Guided Walking Tours in Prague
Treating Visitors as Welcome Guests
Off Road - Thru Parks & Along the River in Prague
Another way to experience Prague - away from the traffic
Walking Tour of Prague's Jewish Quarter
Guided Walking Tour of Jewish Town in Prague
Wine Tasting in Prague
A wine stroll in Prague, where viticulture abounds for those who savour the fruit of kings. 
Guided Walk & Ride Orientation Tour
Basic Orientation to Prague & Introduction to Transit System
World War II Historical Sites & Monuments
Terezín, Lidice and the Crypt on Reslová street
Prague by Car or Van
If Cobbled Stones are Not Your Thing
Czech Hockey - Jedeme Sparta
A evening at Tipsport Arena $30/person (Entry & 1 Beer included)
Too Many Pubs (or how I came to know Czech Beer)
No Need to Crawl when you visit Prague's Pubs.
Visit characteristic pubs, & avoid rowdy stag parties and tourist traps.
Under Vyšehrad
Tour Ramparts, Underground Galleries & Prague's most Impressive Cemetery at Vyšehrad
Opera Barocca
Masquerade In Prague - A feast for the Eyes, Ears and Imagination... 
Self Guided Travel
For those looking to loose the crowds, but not their money
Lodging, Prague Tour, Country Day Trip & Transfers
Inclusive Package - (Guided Tours & Transportation for up to 4 persons)
Prague Castle Information
Information about the cost and open dates and times to visit Prague Castle