Prague Sightseeing & Walking Tours

Guided Walking Tours in Prague
Treating Visitors as Welcome Guests
Off Road - Thru Parks & Along the River in Prague
Another way to experience Prague - away from the traffic
Walking Tour of Prague's Jewish Quarter
Guided Walking Tour of Jewish Town in Prague
Wine Tasting in Prague
A wine stroll in Prague, where viticulture abounds for those who savour the fruit of kings. 
Guided Walk & Ride Orientation Tour
Basic Orientation to Prague & Introduction to Transit System
World War II Historical Sites & Monuments
Terezín, Lidice and the Crypt on Reslová street
Prague by Car or Van
If Cobbled Stones are Not Your Thing
Czech Hockey - Jedeme Sparta
A evening at Tipsport Arena $30/person (Entry & 1 Beer included)
Too Many Pubs (or how I came to know Czech Beer)
No Need to Crawl when you visit Prague's Pubs.
Visit characteristic pubs, & avoid rowdy stag parties and tourist traps.
Under Vyšehrad
Tour Ramparts, Underground Galleries & Prague's most Impressive Cemetery at Vyšehrad
Opera Barocca
Masquerade In Prague - A feast for the Eyes, Ears and Imagination... 
Self Guided Travel
For those looking to loose the crowds, but not their money
Lodging, Prague Tour, Country Day Trip & Transfers
Inclusive Package - (Guided Tours & Transportation for up to 4 persons)
Prague Castle Information
Information about the cost and open dates and times to visit Prague Castle
Running in Prague
Prague has several running events throughout the year. We can help find a Run for You.